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Warranties and Disclosures

Warranties and Disclosures

3 Year Installation Warranty

Always Green Synthetic Grass warrants the installation of our artificial turf for three (3) years from the date of the artificial turf installation. Always Green Synthetic Grass is not responsible for any “settling” that may occur as a result of work done by others. Examples of this are trenching, drain work, tree removal, etc… done prior to the Contractor’s involvement. The contractor is also not responsible for damage due to excessive heat, including the effect of the sun’s energy magnified by glass or reflective surfaces.

This warranty does not certify against the following:

(1) Damage from accidents, force majeure, abuse and neglect from other than normal and ordinary use of this product;
(2) Damage resulting from failure to maintain the product in accordance with the maintenance instructions provided to the buyer;
(3) Vandalism, fire, floods or other acts of nature;
(4) Normal matting, the effect of the sun’s energy when magnified by glass or reflective surfaces, settling, drainage and all other issues related to the subbase that may occur from work completed by others prior to the job start;
(5) Damage caused by other parties or contractors after the installation of the turf or putting green is complete;
(6) Damage resulting from repair, or attempted repair, by anyone other than a Always Green Synthetic Grass installer.

Response for Warranty Repairs: Always Green Synthetic Grass agrees to perform all repairs required by this Warranty within a reasonable time after receiving prompt written notice from the Owner within 21 days from the notice or within such other time frame as the Owner and Always Green Synthetic Grass mutually agree. If Always Green Synthetic Grass makes a repair at the Owner’s request and said the response is not covered by the Warranty, Always Green Synthetic Grass may charge the Owner standard repair charges.

Please refer to your sales consultant as to which product was installed.

Manufacturer/Product warranty is available upon request.